Ever feel like you need a day off?

Rooted retreats provides single day retreats for women in the context of the outdoors.




 Receive. Reflect. Respond.

Step out of your routine and into the serene when you join us on a Rooted Retreat.
 Centered around the integration of receiving, reflecting and responding, your time away will produce benefits that will extend well beyond the day you spend with us.  

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘If I just had one day to think things through…’ then Rooted Retreats is for you.
“I didn’t realize how much I needed this experience.  With three kids and a myriad of other personal responsibilities I sometimes feel like I get stuck in a ‘spin’ cycle, wash, rinse, repeat.  Once provided with the luxury of time,  I was able to think through how I am approaching my days and am now integrating new mindsets and incorporating rituals that renew me daily.  Sometimes I think we all need to hit the pause button and re-evaluate the way we’re living…Rooted Retreats provided this opportunity for me and I’m better for it.”

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What season are you in?

Spring : Navigating a newly laid path.  Contemplating a decision.  Fresh.
Summer : Too busy ‘harvesting’ to come up for air.  In need of rest.  Working.
Fall : Prepping for a life change.  Getting ready.  Preparing.
Winter : Hunkered down.  Trying to survive the elements. Looking for a bud of life. Still.
Rooted Retreats take place in the fall, summer, winter and spring.  Whatever season you may be in personally, Rooted Retreats will provide the environment needed to help you navigate it.  

When is the next Retreat


Deeply rooted trees naturally produce abundant fruit.  We are designed in a similar way.  Are you ready to deepen your roots?

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