Hi there!
Through intentional times of personal retreat my roots have grown deeper.   By this I mean that my values more effectively inspire and align with my actions much like roots feed a flourishing fruit tree.   As my roots have deepened so has my resolve, resiliency and readiness to continue adventuring boldly through this life!  I dare you to take a simple step out of your everyday life and join me.  Invite  a friend or two or come by yourself.  (In the picture above, I retreated with my Mom!) You’ll be amazed at what a little sunshine, water and time can do for your roots!
Hope to see you on the trail!
P.S. Please contact me  with any questions you may have or just to say hi.  I’d love to hear from you!

A little about me:  Like most people, my path from school days until now has not been a straight one.  While, at times, I wished it were more linear, in retrospect I’m thankful for the twists and turns that have taught me valuable lessons and lead me to where I stand today.  After graduating from Miami University, I received my Masters in Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine.  During this time I worked at Young Life’s Frontier Ranch as a high ropes and rappelling instructor.  After landing my first PT job I also worked for Ursuline Academy as their Retreat Coordinator.  I left PT after having my first child and became a full time mom to three children over the next several years.  While navigating the early years of parenting I developed Productive Parenting, a website (I’ve since sold) to equip parents with simple ways to engage with their young children.  When my children began school I began working for the Camping and Education Foundation designing and implementing a Leadership Development curriculum for college aged counselors in training.  Currently I work with International Students at a local High School.  Rooted Retreats began simply as an outgrowth of what I was already doing personally over the years. Once I shared the experience with a small group of women, the call was clear to expand it to others.  A few threads that have been consistently woven through all these years include running (for rejuvenation), reading (for gleaning wisdom from others), and journaling (for reflecting on where I’ve been and forecasting where God wants to take me). Most days I can be found interacting with high school students through my work, playing with my kids, having dinner with my family, and doing dishes, laundry, and everything that goes along with this season in life.  I’m also trying to figure what I’m called to do in any particular season (or moment) and how to do it well…just like you!