When is the last time you took more than 5-10 minutes to think through an aspect of your life in which you’d like to experience more peace?  Do you regularly step back to consider the repeated patterns in your life that don’t seem to be accomplishing your desired outcome?  What would it be like to stop?  Why haven’t you?
Rooted Retreats are primarily a personal time.  That being said, I believe that growth also happens in the context of community.  Retreats are intentionally capped at 8 women to create a safe environment in which we can share some aspects of the journey with one another.  Though the majority of the day is comprised of guided solo time, we will connect with one another in the morning and again for lunch at the conclusion of the day.  Whether you come alone or with a friend or two, the investment of your time will be equally rewarding.  Rooted Retreats can also be arranged for your specific group and customized around specific needs.

Individuals and groups that can benefit from a Rooted Retreat include:

  •  Adjusting to a Change
  •  New mom
  •  New Life Stage 
  •  New Graduate
  •  New Empty Nester
  •  New to Cincinnati
  •  Mother-Daughter
  •  Decision Time
  •  Girlfriend Getaway
  •  Small Group
  •  Small business
  •  Co-workers
  •  Women who simply need a break