Receive. Reflect. Respond.

Rooted Retreats are based on the belief that when we step outside of the routines and busyness of our everyday lives, it enhances our ability to hear ourselves think.  In the quietness of nature, our true hopes, values and beliefs rise to our awareness.  These are our roots and, when brought into focus, they can inform our thinking and guide our actions in profound ways. It’s only when our roots are strong that we are able to look with confident hope to the future and make bold decisions aligned with our true selves.  Rooted Retreats take place in the context of nature because it is reflective of the reality that deep roots are integral to a strong and fruit bearing life.

Receive.  On a Rooted Retreat you’ll receive time, perhaps the most valuable commodity we have.  You’ll also be taken care of and treated to a spectacular spread for lunch and friends to share it with.  When is the last time you’ve truly received?

Reflect.  You will be invited to reflect.   To reflect on your life and perhaps see for the first time what it may be teaching you or where it may be leading. Life circumstances often come with a message.  What is it?

Respond.  While it’s great to take a day off, Rooted Retreats is committed to your experience going far beyond the day you spend with us.  It is our hope that by the end of the day you have tangible plans to continue the process of deepening your roots and living in the abundant joy and peace that results.

A typical retreat will begin in community sharing expectations and learning a bit about one another’s journeys.  After this there will be a few minutes of invitation and challenge that will inspire you to get the most out of your time away.  You will then receive a small guide package replete with a map and stops along the path to reflect on stories and questions included in the package.  The distance and rigor of your hiking is completely up to you.  After about 3 hours of undisturbed time to yourself, we will reconnect for a wholesome and delicious lunch and share with one one another about our experiences.   The retreat will conclude after lunch, however, you are welcome to stay at the Nature Center for as long as you’d like.